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Sears Kansas city

Department Stores
Feel like shopping in Kansas city or looking for a Sears? View below the addresses, phone numbers and the website of Sears Kansas city. Through the map you can simply find out where they are located in Kansas city.

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104 W 9th St Ste 304
64105 Kansas city
(816) 221-2422

1201 E 12th Ave
64116 Kansas city
(816) 245-5082

3630 E Front St
64120 Kansas city
(816) 245-5030

400 NW Barry Rd
64155 Kansas city
(816) 436-9452

4004 Charlotte St
64110 Kansas city
(816) 756-3745

4202 NW 75th St
64151 Kansas city
(816) 997-9798

5415 NE Antioch Rd
64119 Kansas city
(816) 414-2768

7100 NW Prairie View Rd
64151 Kansas city
(816) 505-5300
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